Ted Trzyna



Listed here are a few publications representing Ted Trzyna's main interests. IUCN refers to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. CIPA refers to the California Institute of Public Affairs, former name of InterEnvironment Institute; CIPA continues as an activity and imprint of InterEnvironment. Some items were published under the formal name Thaddeus C. Trzyna, others as Ted Trzyna. 


Urban Protected Areas: Profiles and best practice guidelines. Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines Series No. 22. IUCN, 2014. Written in collaboration with Joseph T. Edmiston, Glen Hyman, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Pedro da Cunha e Menezes, Brett Myrdal, and Adrian Phillips. Portuguese-language version French-language version

The Urban Imperative: Urban outreach strategies for protected area agencies (editor and contributor). CIPA for IUCN, 2005. Includes 26 articles by 34 authors from 11 countries.  

Urban dwellers and protected areas: Natural allies. In Jeffrey A. McNeely, ed., Friends for Life: New partners in support of protected areas. IUCN, 2005.

California’s urban protected areas: Progress despite daunting pressures. Parks 11 (3), 2001, 4-15.

Natural Neighbors: Encouraging cooperation between conservation agencies, museums, and similar institutions to introduce more urban people to the natural world. In Samantha Weber, ed. Engagement, Education, and Expectations: The future of parks and protected areas. George Wright Society, 2016.


Integrating ideas and organizations toward a new paradigm. Eruditio 6 (2015).


A Sustainable World: Defining and measuring sustainable development (editor and contributor). CIPA and Earthscan (London) for IUCN, 1995. 16 chapters by authors from 10 countries. Choice, a journal of the American Library Association, said the book "Should be read by anyone interested in the future of the world’s human/economic/environmental interactions." Lynton Keith Caldwell, the dean of environmental policy scholars, wrote in Environmental Conservation that "This book provides perhaps the most coherent answer we have yet had to [clarifying the concept of sustainability]."


Linking Values and Policy for Sustainable Development: An international strategy to build the sustainability ethic into decision-making. IUCN, 1995. Updated in Raising Annoying Questions: Why values should be built into decision-making. CIPA, 2001.


The Power of Convening: Collaborative policy forums for sustainable development (editor, with Ilze M. Gotelli, and contributor). CIPA, IUCN, and Claremont Graduate University, 1990. Includes 14 papers by authors from 7 countries.
Summarized in the online paper The Power of convening.


Convening thinkers and doers: Sweden's Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation. In The Power of Convening. Reprinted in the 50th anniversary issue of the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation's journal, Development Dialogue, no. 60, August 2012: http://www.daghammarskjold.se/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/dd60_web_single.pdf


The California Environmental Quality Act: An innovation in state and local decision-making (principal author). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1974.

Environmental Impact Requirements in the States: NEPA’s offspring. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1975.


General editor, Who’s Doing What Series (CIPA and others, 1972-2001). A series of resource guides on global problems. Included the World Directory of Environmental Organizations: A handbook of national and international organizations and programs, governmental and non-governmental, concerned with protecting the Earth’s resources (6 print editions, 1972-2001; published in Web form from 2003-2008), the standard reference, about which Booklist said: "An essential purchase for academic institutions with environment-related curricula."

General editor, California Information Guides Series (CIPA, 1969-1999). The series included The California Handbook (Trzyna was principal editor of its 8 editions, about which the Los Angeles Times said "No other contemporary guide covers so much California ground," and which Sunset magazine called "An astonishing compendium").